Madeline & Daniel

December 27, 2019Fort Wayne, IN

Our Story
Our Story

We met on a blind date on December 18, 2017. We went to The Hoppy Gnome and talked for hours before calling it a night. We could tell that the spark between us was something special! Due to Christmas travels and sickness, our second date wasn't until a month later. We joke that we actually had 2 first dates!

We had been dating for while (over a year now) and had started to talk about marriage. We were both sure that we would eventually get married, but the only question that remained was, "when?!" Because of Madeline's teaching job, she assumed that Dan would propose sometime during summer of 2019 so the wedding could be summer 2020. LITTLE DID SHE KNOW that Dan was already planning the surprise of her life!

Dan wanted to surprise Madeline with his proposal, but his plans were thwarted when she jokingly hinted at an engagement ring for her upcoming birthday in May. Dan knew Madeline's style, and he went to the jewelry store to create a custom engagement ring in early March. Not long after he got the ring, he called Madeline's father to ask him for her hand in marriage. After her father had given his blessing, Dan went full speed ahead on planning the remaining details of the surprise.

It just so happened that Dan's father, Mark, was celebrating a birthday on March 26th. Dan decided to hide the ring in present for Mark, the idea being that Mark would be getting a new daughter-in-law for his birthday. In order to keep it a surprise, Dan only told his mom and Madeline's parents what his plan was.

The surprise proposal went off without a hitch. It was incredible! Madeline had NO CLUE that Dan was going to propose and of course she said yes right away! Lots of happy tears were shed (on Madeline's part) and they spent the rest of the happy evening calling friends and family to tell them the exciting news. They decided to set the date for December 27th and have been happily planning for their special day ever since.

Ceremony Details

Location: Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Date and Time: Friday, December 27th, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Parking: There is a parking lot on either side of the church as well as street parking.

Reception Details

Reception Location: This is located on the top floor of the PNC Bank building downtown. It is called Empyrean Events. Click here to visit their website.

Parking: There is free parking located in a garage underneath the PNC building. Bring your ticket up to the reception and it will be validated for you.